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He unleashes chaos upon us all...


We're in dire need of a Dragon Slayer!


Dedicated to the imaginative and innovative...

21-Day Dragon Challenge

Designed to strengthen your mental toughness and sharpen your concentration.

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A Simple Letter

February 25, 2024

Dear Dragon Slayer,

The "21-Day Dragon Challenge" is an exciting opportunity to conquer internal chaos and unlock unparalleled focus and clarity in your life. Starting March 4th, join our quest to defeat Turmoilus Rex, a metaphorical dragon symbolizing distraction.


Your weapon? A simple yet powerful daily action of your choice, practiced consistently for 21 days. Whether it's a habit, routine, or discipline, this small act will help you impose order on chaos, enhancing your mental toughness and sharpening your concentration.


This scientifically-backed challenge emphasizes the power of consistency to build lasting habits, promising significant improvements in every aspect of your life. With daily accountability emails, and a community of fellow challengers, you're not alone in this quest.


Complete this challenge, and you'll wake up every day with a clearer, more focused mind, ready to achieve your goals. 


Don't miss this limited opportunity to transform your life. Sign up for the 21-Day Dragon Challenge now, and prepare to slay a dragon, claiming victory over life's distractions and turmoil. Are you ready to embrace a life of vivid clarity and focus? Join us on this journey of transformation!


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How-to-Play: Complete a small daily action, of your choosing, everyday for 21 days and you win; but, miss a single day and you fail.


A small daily action is a daily activity, habit, routine, or practice intended to improve your life.  

Reward for Winning: The unique result of your small daily action completed consistently for 21 days.

Consequences for Failing: You have to share this challenge with a friend, and let them know you failed. 


Mark Your Calendar: Monday, March 4th to Sunday, February 24th

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Daily Accountability: We will email you everyday of the challenge to hold you accountable and encourage you to victory. 

Privacy: We will never share your information. 

Bonus Rewards: Enhance your focus, concentration, and attentiveness. Boost your mental toughness. Elevate your creativity. Gain accountability in reaching your goals and maintaining daily habits. Transform your lifestyle. Earn the respect and admiration of your peers. Overcome distractions; and, of course, become a Dragon Slayer.

Price: Free  

All you have to do is focus on completing your small daily action everyday of the challenge and never surrender!


To Be Continued...

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