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January 1st, 2024


Dear Dragon Slayer, 


Welcome to the Daily Dragon Challenge! Here, a "Dragon" represents a small but impactful daily action that, when done everyday, will improve your life. Your quest is to slay this Dragon by successfully completing your daily action (habit, routine, ritual) every day for 21 consecutive days. We launch a fresh challenge each month. The best part, I'll be here to support and hold you accountable every step of the way!

Ready to learn more? Sign up below! Participation is completely free and confidential - your details are safe with us. 

Good luck,

Charlemagne Pendragon

PS - You are what you do everyday...

Your quest, should you accept it, is to slay the January Dragon. To do this, complete a small daily action, of your choosing, everyday for 21 consecutive days.
Jan 08, 2024, 12:00 AM – Jan 28, 2024, 12:00 AM


How does the 21-Day Dragon Challenge work?

Let's break it down:

Create Your Daily Action: Upon signing up for the Dragon Challenge, you'll be prompted to create a small daily action, referred to as a "Dragon". Think of a Dragon as a daily habit, routine, goal, or activity you commit to, wholeheartedly, throughout the 21-day challenge. This action is your key to improving some aspect of your life. Listen to your heart. 


Timeline of the Challenge: The Dragon Challenge begins on the first Monday of each month and concludes, three weeks later, on a Sunday. This makes it a 21-day quest for each challenge. Remember, you can do anything for 21 days. 


Daily Reminders: To keep you motivated, expect a daily reminder email. This is your signal to take on and conquer your Dragon. In order to complete the challenge, you must complete your daily action every single day. I'll be here to ensure you stay on track and to celebrate your achievement at the end of the challenge.


Accountability Check-Ins: Twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays, we'll touch base. Did you slay the dragon every day, or did it overpower you? Consistency is key here - we operate on an honor system. 


Consequences for Missing a Day: Miss a day, and unfortunately, it's game over—our challenge operates on a strict one-strike rule. While there's no second chance within the same month, we strongly encourage you to give it another go in the next month, perhaps with a tweaked daily action.


Reward of Victory: The challenger that shows the greatest alacrity during the challenge, will become that month's Dragon Champion, and will receive a free sticker! (Among other mysterious rewards.) All other victorious challengers will have the satisfaction that only the accomplishment of something difficult can bring, this is the greatest feeling of them all. 


Embrace the challenge, create a Dragon, and transform your life, one day at a time!

Alexa Young, CA

“Before the 21-Day Daily Dragon Challenge, I felt stuck in a rut, especially with my fitness routine. Committing to just a small daily exercise, like a 20-minute jog or a yoga session, seemed manageable. The real game-changer was the consistency. By day 21, not only did I feel physically stronger, but my mental clarity and energy levels were through the roof. This challenge taught me the power of small, daily actions in creating a healthier lifestyle. I am more active, happier, and definitely ready for another round of the challenge!”

Morgan James, NY

"As a software developer, my work often leaves me mentally drained. The 21-Day Daily Dragon Challenge became my tool for mental rejuvenation. I chose to dedicate 15 minutes daily to meditation. Initially, it was a struggle to quiet my mind, but with each passing day, I found myself looking forward to this peaceful break. By the end of the challenge, I noticed a significant decrease in my stress levels and an improvement in my focus at work. This challenge has been a transformative experience, and meditation is now an integral part of my daily routine."

Lisa Driver, MI

“I've always struggled with maintaining a healthy diet. The 21-Day Daily Dragon Challenge was the perfect opportunity to change that. My daily action was to prepare a healthy homemade meal. It started out as a challenge, but soon turned into a fun and creative journey. Not only have I improved my cooking skills, but my eating habits have transformed dramatically. I feel more energetic and my overall health has improved. The challenge showed me that taking small steps towards a goal can lead to big changes. I'm truly grateful for this life-changing experience!”
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